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Filmography from Geoffrey Davies

Filmography from : Geoffrey Davies

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Amicus: House of Horrors, Derek Pykett, 2012
A two part feature length documentary celebrating the history of the Amicus Productions film company. Founded in the early 1960s by Americans Milton Subotsky and Max J. Rosenberg, Amicus produced some classic (now cult) horror movies, including Dr. Terror's House Of Horrors, The House That Dripped Blood, Tales From The Crypt, Asylum and From Beyond The Grave. Featuring interviews with key individuals who worked for Amicus (actors, directors,...

The Vault of Horror, Roy Ward Baker, 1973
The movie begins with 5 strangers entering an elevator. It takes them to the basement and they exit to find 5 chairs a table and 5 glasses of brandy. The elevator, on that floor has no call button, so they decide to sit and wait for it to return on its own. One of the men, Rodgers states that his nightmares are quite frightening. After some coaxing he shares one of them. The nightmare begins with him speaking to his private investigator in his...