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Interview with Syn Devil - June 2006

Syn Devil - June 2006

Oh My Gore : "Hi Syn Devil, could you please first introduce yourself to the Oh My Gore ! readers who might not know about you yet ?"

Sure .. Darkest greetings my name is Syn DeVil.. I am many things, evil, seductive, enchanting & always looking for soles to follow me to hell & back.. Enjoy the vision of me in some truely killer films, pictures of all kinds & my words through interviews like this.
Shame on you if you don't know me yet but you can pick up tons of info at

Oh My Gore : "What led you to become an actress?"

Kinda something that just happened.. Don't get me wrong I've always had an interest in acting but thought only those special people born in hollywood .. I started out modeling & as a convention host.. but I truely wanted a way I coud express myself more & started going on auditions , landing roles & here I am!!

Oh My Gore : "Why horror & fantastic movies ?"

I just love blood, gore & all things that make horror-horror!! It's just what I happen to like & with a name like syndevil I think it works out great

Oh My Gore : "In all the films in which you participated, with which roles are you most satisfied?"

"WITCH'S SABBATH" #1 by far!! I loved the role from the first time I read the script. I play aurianna the demonic witch leader..very powerful charactor, I love being a vampire too so "VAMPIRE SISTERS" would come in 2nd

Oh My Gore : "The girls in horror movies are less victim, and more badest or very dangerous... You like this position ?"

Oh you bet I love it..I've played a victim once or twice myself but I love being that evil powerful in control charactor..

Oh My Gore : "In France there are more and more movies from few time who mix, Sex & Gore ("WITCHES SABBAT", "SLAUGHTER DISC"...) you think it's a new kind of movie ? What do you like in this kind of production ?""

Well there is no actual sex in my movies.. some fake stuff & nudity of course.. a little eye candy :).. I've traveled to France, Germany & Austria from what i've seen & read europeans are more uninhibited about the human's nothing to see a bare butt on a afternoon commerical..I think that's great..US censorship would go crazy

Oh My Gore : "Who are the persons you preferred to work with ?"

People who enjoy what they are doing..if it's acting ,directing it shows on the set & in the final product

Oh My Gore : "With which director would you like to work with in the future ?"

I'm so bad with names..but anyone who can bring out the best in me & my acting ..if something doesn't look good tell me I can take it.. I've seen a dead rotted body put more life into that scene, say it like it only helps you improve..

Oh My Gore : "With which actors/actresses would you like to work with in the future ?"

I would love to work with the people I have worked with again..everyone has been so nice.. many of the popular scream queens I have met.

Oh My Gore : "In which movie would you have liked having a role and which one ?"

Anyone that made some big bucks!! I loved "INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE"... but not sure where I could have fit in... A part 2 or 3. 4 whatever number they may be on of a well known title...

Oh My Gore : "Have you any shooting anecdotes on the set of "WITCH SABBAT" ?"

Everyone was awesome to work w/ & put 110% no matter how long the day was..The bloody messy stuff was shot mid-summer in LA/cali in a room w/ no air ,fans windows..I like it hot..but if I almost feel like i'm going to pass out it's too hot!! The last day I actually did fall down not really pass-out..

Oh My Gore : "Let's talk about Seduction Cinema now, you work one movie with them, ("EROTIC SURVIVOR 2") can you tell us the general shooting mood ?"

Actually I did 3 W/ THEM es#2 "MY VAMPIRE LOVER" & "PLEASURES OF A WOMAN".. They were cool to work with but I doing more horror type stuff now & that's just what I wanted.. It is fun to do something different now & then..Personally I could never get sick of vampires, demons, zombies & all that horror stuff.. I would love to work in different types of movies action, drama, comedy the more the better!!

Oh My Gore : "If tomorrow, someone call you for the principal role for a big budget hollywood movie, will you accept it ?"

Do you even have to ask that! oh hell yeah....I would be on the next plane out there or what-ever I had to do.. no question about it!!

Oh My Gore : "Your photos are not really gore, it's a choice to separate horror movies, and pretty photos ?"

If you look around you should see a mix of styles.. I like to show as many ways I can "look" as possible.. & I also seek different types of work..from acting to modeling. I mostly appear at trade shows (conventions as Syn promoting myself but at times I'm just there in a pretty dress offering samples of a product .. They would most likely not like me to show up covered in blood!!

Oh My Gore : "Let's talk about your movie tastes now, which horror movie struck you the most ?"

Sad to say I don't have a bunch of time to see many films..I have my old fav's like "INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE"..."THE EXORCIST".. I'm really going to try & watch at least one movie a month..soon!!

Oh My Gore : "Have you ever came in france ? "

I was at the Cannes film festival this year just last month in May!! The Trooper's Note : ARFFFF !!! I'm crying !!!!!!!!!

Oh My Gore : "In france, there is few convention about horror film, it will be possible one day to see you at one ?"

I sure hope so..I love horror & travel!!

Oh My Gore : "What is yours projects ? ( cinema, photo other...)"

I have about 4 films waiting for release.. bunch of conventions later in the year, always new photos coming out somewhere..

Oh My Gore : "What do you think about Oh My Gore ?"'s great..anyone who helps to promote inde-films is A+ in my book!!

Oh My Gore : "Thank you for this interview, anything else you would like to say ?"

Oh My Gore : "Would you married me ???? "

I would consider but those long distance relationships never work!! :)

Witches sabbath is available in France : VERY VERY special thanks to Syn Devil.

Interview done by The Trooper - June 2006
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mt.moien - /05/22 at 16:34
# 2

i'm from iran syn devil is very sexy she is my love

Glenn - /03/25 at 17:02
# 1

Syn DeVil rocks! Talent and true beauty that shows through in every scene. If anyone has not seen Witches Sabbath and Vampire Sisters they are both great thank you Ms. DeVil and Trooper for a cool interview.

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