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Interview with Rosemary Gore - November 2005

Rosemary Gore - November 2005

Oh My Gore : "You are currently working in a movie. Tell people about this project and the plot?"

I am currently working as the Lead “Elaine Fisher” in the thriller feature "ALIBI" that has theatrical distribution by Pagan International. It is about two accidental lovers, "April" and "Jenna", who get together to seek revenge against those who have wronged them. Such person is "Elaine Fisher" who is a manipulative, bisexual, high-school teacher turned business woman. She had a torrid affair with her then student "April" whom she used to front a fraudulent business. “Elaine Fisher” is also the woman who broke many hearts including hit man " Costello.” The cast includes Holly Woodlawn, Peter Franzen, Natalie Denise Perl, Tim Colceri, Lisa Crosato, Marie
Zieleke, and Joe Estevez.

Oh My Gore : "Is there a webpage out covering this film? "

Not that I am aware. I am sure that a website will be made available to the public.

Oh My Gore : "Don't you have a webpage of your own also?"

Oh My Gore : "You have done some interesting horror films as well, have you not, before this?"

My first film work was in the Clive Barker's "HELLRAISER III" in which I played the “Date” of the Lead character played by Kevin Bernhardt. Unfortunately, the one scene in which I spoke was deleted from the theatrical release. I so upset because I had told everyone I knew to go see the film. Nonetheless, my character did remain in the final cut. My second horror film work was as the Lead "Alice Walker" in "FEAR OF THE DARK". It will be available worldwide in all major stores in spring 2006. This was my first Lead role in a feature-length film that was also directed by a first time director. My third horror film in which I worked was in the short "BABY DOLL" that is in negotiations for domestic distribution. It has been developed as a feature-length film project.

Oh My Gore : "Do you find the horror genre more satisfying than other genres?"

I just enjoy working as an actor whether it is in the drama, horror, or comedy genres. I love working in projects that make the audience think. As a child, I was an introvert and was terrified of horror films.
Therefore, it is ironic that I have been a part of this type of film.

Oh My Gore : "As an actress, how do you develop your characters, such as some of the uncanny people you've played? "

I would have to stress that actors are people who watch and absorb the behaviors and characteristics of people with whom they have encountered. This is how we gather and create our choices for roles that we play. Art imitates life. I also like to learn by watching the performances of other actors such as Christopher Walken, Meryl Streep, Kevin Spacey, and Anthony Hopkins.

Oh My Gore : "Any future plans after this new film?"

I will just continue what I normally do: audition, audition, and workout on the treadmill. I just bought a house so I will probably begin working on it next year. Also, we are planning to visit friends in India.

Oh My Gore : "Do you just follow director's advice or make improvisations of your own?"

I incorporate several methods: I study with an acting teacher; make my own choices; improvise; and above all, I follow the director's suggestion. Most importantly, it is the director who makes the final decision of what choice is necessary for the film.

Oh My Gore : "Any interesting behind the scenes stories you would like to tell about your acting career?"

Oh God, they are too many experiences to share...the stalkers and the fake auditions and interviews... I would have to write that the funniest occurrence was when my picture was featured in the New York Daily News magazine in which my web domain was given. My website crashed for two days, and then I was inundated with email marriage proposals. I had my husband respond to each and every one of them.

Oh My Gore : "Do you ever make it to the fan fests or conventions for Indy and/or horror films?"

Whenever I am promoting a film, I attend the festivals and conventions. I have been to the Chiller Convention a few times, which was a lot of fun. I got to meet Joe Pantoliano, Lassie, and Doug Bradley.

Oh My Gore : "In the Hollywood mainstream, do you have any favorite horror film actors or directors?"

I love Jack Nicholson's performance and Stanley Kubrick's direction in "THE SHINING". Francis Ford Coppola's "HAUNTED" starring Kate Beckinsale and Aidan Quinn is also one of my favorite films. I also love Anthony Hopkins's performance in "SILENCE OF THE LAMBS". The scariest film I have ever seen was "ANGEL HEART" starring Mickey Rourke, who is an excellent actor. To this day, I still have a problem watching it.

Oh My Gore : "Did you study acting or filmmaking, or just pick it up as you went along?"

I have been studying acting for a long time. In New York, I studied with many different coaches and schools. I learned many different forms such as the Meisner and Method techniques, Improv, Shakespeare, Comedy, Stage Combat, Voice, Speech, and Character and Scene Studies. I have never studied filmmaking but I do find it interesting.

Oh My Gore : "What are your interests outside of your career?"

Traveling and being with my husband, my two cats, Isaac and Boobie, and my parrot, Yolanda.

Oh My Gore : "A lot of people on this particular page are into the European horror films scene. How might you, as a participant in film, compare the European and Americans style of horror? Any comments?"

I have not had the opportunity to watch many European horror films; however, I do enjoy watching foreign films. I love the Spanish film "LIKE WATER FOR CHOCOLATE" and the French film "MY WIFE IS AN ACTRESS". I have seen a few Russian, Icelandic, Indian, and Iranian films that were brilliant! Unfortunately, I can not remember their titles. I am a huge fan of Peter Stomare, Ben Kingsley, Catherine Deneuve, and Emmanuelle Beart.

Oh My Gore : "A lot of actors and actresses in decades past were bombing out in the USA, like Telly Savalas, Lee Van Cleef, Clint Eastwood and others, yet when they went to Europe for films, they became big stars, which carried over to the international level. Do you think you might be interested in making films overseas and maybe having this happen to you?"

Sure, if the opportunity presented itself. I speak fluent French; I lived in Lille, France for a year as an exchange student. I hold a degree in Italian, and have studied Russian and Spanish. I have been approached by a few English filmmakers for work. Who knows? I love Europe and could live there. However, I have moved around so much (Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, and California (twice). Right now, Los Angeles is my home for a while.

Oh My Gore : "What co-stars do you particularly like to work with?"

I enjoy working with actors who are grounded and prefer to work as a team.

Oh My Gore : "Directors?"

I have enjoyed working with James Chean, Glenn Andreiev, James Jennings, Glen Baisley, Frances Megahy, Barbara Kopple, and Lance Reha. For the most part, I have had a good experience working with most everyone. Of course, it would be a dream to work with Steven Soderbergh, Cameron Crowe, Ron Howard, the late Stanley Kubrick, Roman Polanski, Francis Ford Coppola, Dino De Laurentiis, Tim Burton, Jonathan Demme, and Mel Brooks

Oh My Gore : "Anything else you would like to throw in?"

Always follow your heart and your instincts.

Oh My Gore : "Closing comments? "

I am a damsel in distress and my husband always saves me.

Interview done by Dale Pierce
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