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Interview with Stuart Gordon - January 2009

Stuart Gordon - January 2009

Stuart Gordon (born August 11, 1947) in Chicago, Illinois) is a director, writer and producer of films and plays. Most of Gordon's film work is in the horror genre, though he has also ventured into science fiction. Like his friend and fellow filmmaker Brian Yuzna, Gordon is a big fan of H. P. Lovecraft and has adapted several Lovecraft stories for the screen. They include "RE-ANIMATOR", "FROM BEYOND", "CASTLE FREAK" (from The Outsider), and "DAGON", as well as the Masters of Horror episode "DREAMS IN THE WITCH-HOUSE".

Stuart Gordon kindly responded to our questions about his futur movie : "STUCK".
Oh My Gore: ""STUCK" is based on a true story, the Chante Jawan Mallard case. Can you explain us how you get involved in this movie?"

Stuart: This story was on the front page every day for months. And it kept getting stranger and stranger. How could a care-giver at a senior citizens' home do such a thing? It finally occurred to me that the only way to answer this question was to explore it as a film.

Oh My Gore: "Did you get in contact with people who were involved in the story?"

Stuart: No, the script's co-author and I based everything on the news accounts.

Oh My Gore: "The movie is different to the real story, can you explain to us the main differences and why did you choose it?"

Stuart: The first half of the film is pretty accurate in terms of what really happened. She did hit a homeless man who was lodged in her windshield, she did panic and put him in her garage instead of taking him to an emergency room, and she did have sex with her boyfriend immediately afterwards. But we decided that the story would become stronger if the homeless man (Stephen Rea) realizes that she is not going to help him and that he must save himself.

Oh My Gore: "Tell us about the performances of Stephen Rea & Mena Suvari?"

Stuart: I was blessed by having two wonderful actors. I've wanted to work with Stephen ever since I first saw him in "IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES". He literally had to go to hell and back, but he approached it all with good humor (and a little bitching but who can blame him?). Mena and I had worked together on "EDMOND" and I found her to be a fearless performer. In fact she did 90% of her own stunt work including setting herself on fire.

Oh My Gore: "Do you have any shooting anecdotes?"

Stuart: We shot in a real senior citizens' home and used the residents as extras. The last evening we were there they asked us to try to not make too much noise as someone had died in the next room.

Oh My Gore: "Which scene was the most difficult to shoot?"

Stuart: The accident itself was by far the most difficult. It took us two nights. We originally had seven breakaway windshields, but four had been destroyed in transit which meant that we only had three chances to get it right.

Oh My Gore: ""STUCK" has already won 2 awards Silver Raven at BIFFF 2008 & Staff Prize at San Francisco Indiefest 2008, how did that feel?"

Stuart: I'm very proud of the film, and happy that audiences are appreciating it.

Oh My Gore: "Would you describe "STUCK" as a horror film?"

Stuart: Yes, because it makes you realize that the things that happen in real life are much more horrifying than zombies or vampires.

Oh My Gore: ""STUCK" is the first Amicus movie since 1980! What do you think of this come back and how did you get in touch with them?"

Stuart: I'm very honored to be working with Amicus. I am a huge fan of their films and when I discovered that the company had been re-born in Los Angeles I set up a meeting ASAP.

Oh My Gore: "Are you going to work with them again?"

Stuart: Yes, we're currently prepping Lovecraft's "THE THING ON THE DOORSTEP".

Oh My Gore: "Can you talk to us about "HOUSE OF RE-ANIMATOR" ? What's the status of the movie?"

Stuart: Unfortunately "HOUSE" is not to be. It was designed to take on the Bush administration with Herbert West re-animating Dick Cheney. The good news is that those real-life monsters will be gone in a matter of days.

Oh My Gore: "What are your other future projects?"

Stuart: Besides the Lovecraft project, I have few more irons in the fire, but I don't want to jinx them by announcing them prematurely.

Oh My Gore: "Personally, I consider "RE-ANIMATOR" your best film. What do you think? What is your personal favorite?"

Stuart: My favorite film is my next one.

Oh My Gore: "What do you think about the horror movies made nowadays?"

Stuart: There have been some great ones lately. Horror has been thriving since 9/11. There is so much fear in the world that horror provides a healthy way to get it out of your system. Horror is good for you.

Oh My Gore: "As Oh My Gore! is a French website, do you like French movies?"

Stuart: I do. Gaspar Noe is a personal friend of mine. I loved (if that's the right term) "IRREVERSABLE". When my wife and I saw it, Carolyn said,”Gaspar has raised the bar.” It's an amazing film.

Oh My Gore: "Generally speaking, which are your favourite horror movies? And the ones that scared you the most?"

Stuart: I think "PSYCHO" is still the best horror film ever made. Hitchcock broke all the rules: killing his heroine off thirty minutes into the film. I love Cronenberg. "DEAD RINGERS" is a masterpiece. And "ROSEMARY'S BABY" was my film school. Polanski is a genius. But the film that scared me the most was William Castle's "THE TINGLER". I had night mares for three years. I saw it when I was twelve.

Oh My Gore: "What do you think of Oh My Gore!?"

Stuart; Incroyable!

Oh My Gore: "Thank you so much for answering this interview. Is there anything you would like to add?"

Stuart: Keep on rockin' in the free world!
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