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Interview with Caroline Munro - February 2004

Caroline Munro - February 2004

Oh My Gore : "Hello. Could you please introduce yourself to the Oh My Gore ! readers who might not know about you yet ?"

My name is Caroline Munro. I am an English Actress. I have worked as an actress for quite a few years now and my career spans the Genre's Si Fi, Bond, Hammer Horror and Ray Harryhaussen effects "SINBAD" films. I am tall dark and people say exotic looking.

Oh My Gore : "Which are the roles which stand you out the most ?"

I have enjoyed all the roles I have been given to play. Naomi was a wonderfull opportunity to work with Director Lewis Gilbert and Roger Moore. One of my favourite Roles was as the Gypsy Girl, Carla, in "CAPTAIN KRONOS". In fact i have been blessed with all my Co Stars and directors. To date, I have not had a bad working experience.

Oh My Gore : "Who is the actor or the actress with whom you played that impressed you the most concerning his/her acting abilities, charisma etc...?"

I loved working oposite Joe Spinell with whom I had the pleasure to work with three times on three very different projects. Firstly as Stella Star in "STARCRASH" Joe played the Evil Count Zarth Arn and was very O.T.T. and splendid. Next came "MANIAC" a very dark and powerful movie with an Amazing performance of great strength and moving pathos from Joe. After came the lighter role as actress, Jana Bates, with Joe as the fanatical fan in "THE LAST HORROR FILM". Joe was an extraordinary Man who lived and loved life to the full.

Oh My Gore : "You acted with a fantastic actor : Joe Spinell. How was he on the "MANIAC" set ? Did he scare you? Wasn't he a bit strange ?"

Joe was Joe very unique very special and no not strange just a little excentric as we all are he live and played had. He was a kind and very carring person. I loved Joe as a man and Actor.

Oh My Gore : "As a European, what do you think about the italian movies wave of the 70's and 80's ? and what do you think about the "masters" of this genre like Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento or Luggi Cozzi...?"

I love the Italian style of movie making so brillantly lit and stylized. I have only had the joy to work with Luigi Cozzi, he is both a friend and a delight to work with. I started as Stella Star in "STARCRASH" for Luigi and then much later as a calculating and manipulating self centred Actress "Nora" in "THE BLACK CAT". She was great to play. I have yet to have the pleasure to work for these three other masters of film technique maybe one day. I would LOVE to work with Dario Argento and of course Luigi again.

Oh My Gore : "Which fantastic or horror movie would you have liked to act in ?"

Had I been old enough the film "PSYCHO" also the later "6TH SENSE".

Oh My Gore : "You played in Hammer Horror movies like "DRACULA AD 1972". How did your collaboration with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing (with whom you played several times) went on ?"

Again I have been so lucky with my Actors Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. They were the best of friends but like chalk & cheese as people. Christopher was the best Dracula I feel that's ever been and it was amazing to do my scenes with him. He was so believable we got on really well of set as well. I still see him today. He has gone from strength to strength in the roles, he is great. Peter was the sweetest and most lovely of man both off and on screen. He was so carring and such a wonderful Actor to work with and to watch on set. I learnt so much watching these Icons of Cinema work. Again I feel very honoured to have been given the chance to have work with such genius.

Oh My Gore : "You also acted twice with Vincent Price in "THE ABOMINABLE DR PHIBES" and "DR PHIBES RISES AGAIN". Were you impressed to work with such a legend as he were ?"

Yes it's true I worked with this legend but sadly I had no dialogue scenes with him just wonderful happy memories of laying beside him (having experienced his wonderful home Codred Paté) in the coffin in "DR PHIBES" & "PHIBES RISES AGAIN". Yet again a joy and privilege to watch this great master at work.

Oh My Gore : "What do you think about the horror movies made now ? Is there a movie that struck you recently ?"

I really enjoyed the "THE 6TH SENSE" with Bruce Willis and "THE OTHERS". I enjoy family films more, maybe because I have two youngish girls Jojo 13 & Iona 9 years old. One of my favourite films last year was "LILO & STITCH" and also "THE SIMPSONS".

Oh My Gore : "Which horror movie did you find the scariest ?"

Clive Barker's "HELLRAISER" and "NIGHT BREED" very disturbing, also a lot of the psycological thrillers. I like films in Black & White. I found "TRAINSPOTTING".

Oh My Gore : "How did you feel about David Hasselhoff driving a speaking car ? Were you surprised? How did you get on at the time ?"

David was lovely to work opposite. It was one of his first films "STARCRASH" and he did a great job as Christopher Plummer's son. It was very amusing to see his talking to his car "Kit" in "KNIGHTRIDER" and it made him a big star. Then he followed in his swimsuit in "BAYWATCH". He has done so well, he is also a great singer. Great stuff David.

Oh My Gore : "You also played a James Bond Girl in "THE SPY WHO LOVED ME" with Roger Moore. What do you remember about that shooting? How did you feel about participating to the James Bond myth ?"

James Bond films are legendary and to have appeared as "Naomi" in "THE SPY WHO LOVED ME" was such an accolable to join in the ranks of the Bad girls such as Ursula Andress follows wherever you go. I loved working with Roger Moore and that film I will never forget the experience.

Oh My Gore : "Looking back now, what do you think about your being considered as one of the best know "scream-queen" ?"

I have never considerd myself as "scream queen" and am not too sure what that means. Yes I have done some horror films Hammer Horror, "MANIAC", but also many family films as well. I hope I am an all rounder and consider myself so.

Oh My Gore : "What do you do in your carreer now ? Is there anything in preparation ?"

I stopped working a lot durins the 90's as I had my daughters in 1990 and 1994. I wanted to look after my Girls myself and not leave them with nannys or anyone. The first few years are so important for children's development and that their Mum is there with them. Last year I did not stop working. I did two came roles in American films "FLESH FOR THE BEAST" and "ABSENCE OF LIGHT" to be released later this year. I made them with two young film makers in the U.S. and was very excited to work on film again and would relish non films T.V. etc. I also did a radio play on CD of Dr Who starring Peter Davidson which i love doing and is out now. I just love to keep working and want to continue to do so.

Oh My Gore : "Thank you so much for this interview. Anything you would like to add ?"

My love and thank you. Caroline Munro
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