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Interview with Andreas Schnaas - June 2004

Andreas Schnaas - June 2004

Oh My Gore : "Hello. Could you please introduce yourself to the Oh My Gore ! readers who might not know about you yet ?"

Hi, my name is Andreas Schnaas, I am 36 years old and the director of a lot of splatter movies!.

Oh My Gore : "Before talking about your cinematographical carreer, could you tell us more about you? Why, when and how did you career turn toward cinema? "

I was about 8 or 9 when my father bought his first video camera. I loved the japanese monster movies so my friends and I tried to remake them in our garden. It was fun. the older I got the more I knew that that was my destiny.

Oh My Gore : "Which are the films or/and directors that influenced you ?"

Japanese and Italian movies of the seventies. Shaw Brother and Fulci.

Oh My Gore : "You started your carreer hub cap with the first 3 "VIOLENT SHIT" cult movies. Did you expect such a success?"

Not really, it was a developmetn. First it was just a fun project. Then we kept going and the reaction was amazing.

Oh My Gore : "You also directed "ZOMBIE '90: EXTREME PESTILENCE"..."

Yes, that was also fun, especially with a relatively big cast. And the dubbing which happened by accident is hilarious.

Oh My Gore : "Talking about zombies, what do you think about Fulci's one?"


Oh My Gore : "And what about Romero's one?"


Oh My Gore : "You acted with Lloyd Kaufman & Debbie Rochon in "PARTS OF THE FAMILY". Could you talk to us about your relationship with Troma?"

We happen to drop into each other on festivals or other movies where we have cameos. We talk, have a good time, we respect each other. Lloyd is a crazy guy like me and a hero in this business. And Debbie is hot!!!!!

Oh My Gore : "Joe Zaso act in "NIKOS" and he also played in "DEMONIUM". Do you get on well with him? Will he be part of one of your future projects?"

He has also this multifunctional background that I have. Joe can do almost anything on a movie set : Acting, photography, cooking, line producing, driver. He did an amazing job on "NIKOS". Besides his acting he did almost the whole organization of the movie. No sleep for months!

Oh My Gore : "There's also Felissa Rose ("SLEEPAWAY CAMP") in "NIKOS". How did you get to choose her for the movie?"

Joe did the casting. Of course I knew her from her earlier movies.

Oh My Gore : " Can you talk to us about the mood on the set, about anecdotes...?"

The mood was good. I love working with americans, they have this special motivation while shooting as movie making and "the business" has such a high position in everybody`s mind. The cast was crazy, talented and on the spot. I didn`t sleep for 3 months so I have flashes of memories: Me running around Manhattan with my heavy costume chasing Hitler. you cannot repeat the situations, you gotta be there. This was the most efficient shooting I have ever done.

Oh My Gore : "You also work on the "BARCELONA BABYLON" project which is still in production
and you co-direct it with 2 German masters of the genre, Jörg Buttgereit ("NEKROMANTIK 1" & "NEKROMANTIK 2") & Olaf Ittenbach ("PREMUTOS", "THE BURNING MOON", "BLACK PAST"). Is it the German Gore "Dream Team"?!"

Yeah and we all would love to do it. But lacking the money the project is in a dead end and I stopped spending time on it. But I would really like to do it.

Oh My Gore : "I also heard that you intend to direct a movie about the band Manowar???"

I do not talk about stuff that is not in writing.

Oh My Gore : "Are you a Metal fan?"

A huge one, especially of bands like MANOWAR.

Oh My Gore : "You are also an actor in your movies... Which side of cinema do you prefer?"

Not the acting for sure. That is always a matter of saving money and being as evil as I want the person to be. Directing is the best, acting is okay and producing is a pain in the ass.

Oh My Gore : "As an German citizen, what do you think about the movies made in Deutschland ?"

There is a new development in Germany and there have been a couple of very good comedy movies lately, so there is hope. But there is also a lot of very artistic shit that I hate. It tears my heart apart as a film maker that this shit is sponsored by tax money through special funds: Movies that noone wants to see. I guess this will stop in the future as Germany has to save money and will reduce their movie funds. So the commercial aspect will win which is not always good. But you cannot shoot movies that noone wants to see - what is the point in doing that ?

Oh My Gore : "As Oh My Gore! is a French website, I'd like to know if you like French movies?"

I do now or at least for the last 10-15 years. I was not the right person for the 70s or early 80s movies with Romy Schneider, Tritignant, Belmondo, Delon, Deneuve etc. Visually very good but too little fun for my taste. There is a big change in the last 10 yyears: Movies like "BAISE MOI", "NIKITA", almost any movie with the great JEAN RENO show the big variety of french movies and also the braveness behind it. You will never find a movie like "BAISE MOI" over here.

Oh My Gore : "Generally speaking, which are your favourite horror movies? And the ones that scared you the most?"

My favourite movies are any movies by Fulci. As a child I was scared to death by the "DRACULA" movies with Christopher Lee.

Oh My Gore : "Which actor would you have liked or would you like to shoot with?"

Robin Williams

Oh My Gore : "Which movie would you have liked or would you like to direct ?"

An expensive action movie with crazy twists. I really don`t think about any concrete movie.

Oh My Gore : "What do you think about Oh My Gore! ?"

Very nice.

Oh My Gore : "Thank you so much for this interview. Anything you would like to add ?"

Yeah, check out my websites and

See you at the movies.

Thanks to you !
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