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Filmography from Karey Kirkpatrick

Filmography from : Karey Kirkpatrick

Writer :

Les chroniques de Spiderwick, Mark Waters, 2008

H2G2 : Le Guide du voyageur galactique, Garth Jennings, 2005
Everyone has bad mornings. You wake up late, you stub your toe, you burn the toast...but for a man named Arthur Dent, this goes far beyond a bad day. When he learns that a friend of his is actually an alien with advanced knowledge of Earth's impending destruction, he is transported off the Earth seconds before it is exploded to make way for a new hyperspace motorway. And as if that's not enough, throw in being wanted by the police, Earth II, an...

La véritable histoire du Petit Chaperon Rouge, Cory Edwards, Todd Edwards (co-director) (co-directed by), Tony Leech (co-director) (co-directed by), 2005
Little Red Riding Hood: A classic story, but there's more to every tale than meets the eye. Before you judge a book by its cover, you've got to flip through the pages. For this story, we begin at the end. Furry and feathered cops from the animal world investigate a domestic disturbance at Granny's cottage, involving a girl, a wolf, and an axe. The charges are many: breaking and entering, disturbing the peace, intent to eat, and wielding an axe...

Actor :

Arrietty: Le petit monde des chapardeurs, Hiromasa Yonebayashi, 2010
14-year-old Arrietty and the rest of the Clock family live in peaceful anonymity as they make their own home from items "borrowed" from the house's human inhabitants. However, life changes for the Clocks when a human boy discovers Arrietty...