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L'homme H

L'HOMME H (1958)

A drug dealer named Misaki disappears leaving only his clothes. The next day the police go to question his girlfriend, singer Chikako Arai, and she informs them that she doesn't have any information on where he is. Later that evening one of his associates comes by to try to beat the truth out her. After he leaves he disappears in the same way that Misaki did. A short time later, a young scientist named Masada informs the police that there was a similar case of people disappearing and leaving just their clothes on a seemingly abandoned ship that was found by a group of fishermen who say that three members of their crew were dissolved by a living liquid that was created when a the crew of the ghost ship went through a radioactive cloud. The police are skeptical at first but when they witness the liquid creature, now called the H-man, kill three people, including a policeman at a the nightclub where Chikako worked they now believe him. Now the police must not only find the criminal gang, but figure out a way to destroy the H-men before they kill all the citizenry of Tokyo.

Original Title : L'HOMME H
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : [Crime
Year : 1958French Release : 1959-06-05US Release : 1959-05-28
Actors :
Chikako Arai, singer in the nightclub
Dr Masada
Inspector Tominaga
Police Sgt Miyashita (as Eitaro Ozawa)
Dr Maki
Uchida, gangstar
Misaki, the dissolved gangster
Hanae, the hostess of nightclub
Detective Taguchi
Mineko, DrMaki's assistant
Kishi, gangster in nightclub
Detective Sakata
Mr Chin, gangster
Mattchan - Fisherman
Emi, lead exotic dancer
Executive Police Officer
Chief of Inspectors Kusuda
Nishiyama, the dissolved gangstar
Saeki, gangstar
Horita - Fisherman
Detective Seki
Man, witness on rainy day
Woman - Witness on rainy day
Yasukichi - Fisherman
Policeman Wakasugi - Witness on rainy day
Shimazaki, the waiter-thug
Taxi driver who runs over Misaki
Hamano, nightclub gangster
Executive Police Officer
Executive Police Officer
An-chan - gangster
Detective Ogawa
Matsu-chan - Fisherman
Search party leader (GSDF)
Fire department officer
GSDF Officer (as Jirô Kumagai)
Executive Police Officer
Executive Police Officer
Captain of fishing boat
Second dissolved sailor
GSDF Officer
Taxi driver - Traffic accident
Various Voices (voice)
Bartender of nightclub
A drinker in the nightclub
Announcer at Nightclub
Visitor of nightclub
Waiter in nightclub
Visitor of nightclub
Visitor of nightclub
Policeman - Investigation room
Visitor of nightclub
A drinker in the nightclub
Neighbor in Chikako's apartment house
Visitor of nightclub
GDSF officer
Chikako Arai (singing voice)
Policeman of detective room
Mrs Okami, apartment manager of Chikako
Member of countermeasure meeting for Liquid Man
Visitor of nightclub
Visitor of nightclub
Madam - neighbor of Nishiyama's house
Old policeman - Investigation room
Waiter of nightclub
Reporter of newspaper
Reporter of newspaper
Visitor of nightclub
Reporter of newspaper
Visitor of nightclub
Nightclub manager
Reporter of newspaper
Member of countermeasure meeting for Liquid Man
A drinker in the nightclub
Reporter of newspaper
Nurse of The Joto University Hospital
First Dissolved Sailor (Let me try on the pants!)
Member of countermeasure meeting for Liquid Man
Lhomme H

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