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Filmography from Masahiro Takashima

Filmography from : Masahiro Takashima

Actor :

Gojira vs. Desutoroiâ, Takao Okawara, Ishirô Honda (original material), Koji Hashimoto (earlier film clips) (uncredited), Shûe Matsubayashi (earlier film clips) (uncredited), Kazuki Ohmori (earlier film clips) (uncredited), Kenshô Yamashita (earlier film clips) (uncredited), 1995

Ganheddo, Masato Harada, 1989
Brooklyn's smuggling companions are slaughtered, sometimes violently, one by one as they wantonly defy the security systems of the Kyron-5. Babe falls into a vat of green liquid and becomes a cybernetic antagonist. Brooklyn is placed under arrest by Sergeant Nim, who suggests they follow surviving children Seven and Eleven. The Kyron-5 declared war on humanity, and killed most of those living on the island. Brooklyn, a mechanic, must overcome...