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Filmography from Patrick Givens

Filmography from : Patrick Givens

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Gamera 3, Shûsuke Kaneko, 1999
This final installment of the recent Gamera trilogy begins with schoolgirl Ayana discovering a large egg in a cave that, according to legend, houses demons. The egg hatches into a small monster, which Ayana decides to raise and quickly develops as psychic bond with. As Ayana's monster, named Iris, grows to adulthood, the flying turtle Gamera begins to take an interest in this new potential threat. Who will be the victor in the final battle, and...

Gamera, l'attaque de la légion, Shûsuke Kaneko, 1996
A strange meteor lands in Japan unleashing hundreds of insect-like "legion" creatures which find their way into Tokyo. When the military fails to control the situation, Gamera shows up to deal with the ever-evolving space adversary....

Seinto Seiya, Kazuhito Kikuchi (114 episodes, 1986-1989), Kôzô Morishita (114 episodes, 1986-1989), Susumu Ishizaki (13 episodes, 1986-1988), Shigeyasu Yamauchi (12 episodes, 1986-1988), Katsumi Minokuchi (9 episodes, 1987-1988), Masayuki Akehi (9 episodes, 1987), Hiromichi Matano (8 episodes, 1988), Tomoharu Katsumata (6 episodes, 1986-1987), Masahiro Hosoda (6 episodes, 1987-1988), Masao Itô (6 episodes, 1988), Kazumasa Horikawa (3 episodes, 1986-1987), Hiroyuki Yokoyama (3 episodes, 1987), Shô Takagi (2 episodes, 1987), Shigenori Kageyama (1 episode, 1986), Shin'ichi Masaki (1 episode, 1986), Atsutoshi Umezawa (1 episode, 1986), Jun Fukuda (1 episode, 1987), Yasuhito Kikuchi (unknown episodes), 1989