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Filmography from Robert Radler

Filmography from : Robert Radler

Director :

The Substitute: Failure Is Not an Option, Robert Radler, 2001
Something's not right at General Teague's military school alma mater in Georgia. Racist philosophy has spread through the school, and has damaged the General's relationship with his nephew, Cadet Ted Teague. To ferret out white supremacy at the Military Academy he helps fund, the General calls upon former comrade Karl Thomasson. In his undercover role as an American History professor, Karl butts heads with a student named Buckner, who questions...

The Substitute 3: Winner Takes All, Robert Radler, 1999
Professional mercenary Karl Thomasson, his friend Macy, and an albanian girl are being held in a brutal Kosovo prison where Macy is severely beaten. Just before he dies, Macy gives Karl a medal to give to Macy's daughter Nicole Stewart, who is a professor of english at Eastern Atlantic University on Long Island in New York. Karl and the Albanian girl then escape, and Karl kills their two captors. Three months later, Karl shows up at the...