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Filmography from Ryan Doom

Filmography from : Ryan Doom

Actor :

The Roommate, Christian E Christiansen, 2011

Red Velvet, Bruce Dickson, 2008
A chance encounter at a laundromat between a young man (Henry Thomas) and young woman (Linda) turns into an afternoon lunch date. As they get to know each other, bizarre stories begin to unfold, some fact, some fiction about each other's past. Eventually, the Young Man delves into a story about a birthday party whose guests began to be systematically killed off by a maniac in a white jump suit. The Young Woman, oddly enough, becomes more and...

The Open Door, Doc Duhame, 2008
Beautiful, innocent and trusting high school senior, Angelica (Cathrine Georges) is enjoying, but not yet at ease with, her new found position as BFF of popular crowd queen bee, Staci (Sarah Christine Smith). The new relationship is causing tension at home with her parents, as under Stacis influence, Angelica is breaking rules for the first time in her life. She is also falling hard for nice guy football star, Brad (Mike Dunay), while Staci is...