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Filmography from Shinji Higuchi

Filmography from : Shinji Higuchi

Director :

Shin Gojira, Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi (co-director), 2016

L'attaque des titans, Shinji Higuchi, 2015
The sudden arrival of the Titans–mysterious, gigantic humanoid creatures who devour human beings one after the other–brings mankind to the brink of extinction. Fast-forward more than 100 years later. What remains of the human population now live in relative peace behind massive walls that were erected to defend themselves against the Titans. Yet once again, that peace is shattered when a Titan measuring over 50 meters tall smashes through...

Nihon chinbotsu, Shinji Higuchi, 2006
Japan will sink down to the deep sea. The governments only hope is evacuate all Japanese to some other countries. ...

Writer :

Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hideaki Anno (26 episodes, 1995-1996), Kazuya Tsurumaki (26 episodes, 1995-1996), Hiroyuki Ishidô (3 episodes, 1995), Tsuyoshi Kaga (2 episodes, 1995), Keiichi Sugiyama (2 episodes, 1995), Masayuki (2 episodes, 1996), Seiji Mizushima (1 episode, 1995), Tetsuya Watanabe (1 episode, 1995), Ken Andô (1 episode, 1996), Naoyasu Habu (1 episode, 1996), Shôichi Masuo (1 episode, 1996), Akira Takamura (1 episode, 1996), Minoru Ôhara (1 episode, 1996), Tensai Okamura (unknown episodes), Masahiko Ôtsuka (unknown episodes), 1995
A teenage boy finds himself recruited as a member of an elite team of pilots by his father. ...