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The Vault of Horror


The movie begins with 5 strangers entering an elevator. It takes them to the basement and they exit to find 5 chairs a table and 5 glasses of brandy. The elevator, on that floor has no call button, so they decide to sit and wait for it to return on its own. One of the men, Rodgers states that his nightmares are quite frightening. After some coaxing he shares one of them. The nightmare begins with him speaking to his private investigator in his apartment. The P.I was hired to find Roger's sister. As soon as he gives Rodgers the address, Rodgers shows his gratitude by murdering him to cover his trail. Then, rRgers promptly travels to his dear sister's town. Before he murders her, he stops at a restaurant across the street from her. It is sunset and the restaurant is closing and the owner tells Rodgers that "they" come out at dark and that is why they are closing. Rodgers thinks it is odd but leaves and goes to his sister's house because she has just inherited everything. He fixes that by stabbing her. Then, of course he leaves and sees that the restaurant is open and "people" are going in to be seated. The food and beverages are unusual and Rodgers is soon about to learn why and meet "them", the vampires. His ending is also the end of this segment. The next man to share his dream is Critchet, an older Englishman. In his dream he is a neat freak that gets remarried in " A Neat Job". His new wife can't seem to put anything in it proper place. He scolds her until the pressure makes her rearrange everything, including their future. And yes, everything is in it's proper places. It is all neatly labeled as well and Critchet learns that he taught her a bit too well. Then come the ghostly tale form the third man, Sebastian. In his dream he and his wife are magicians traveling to India looking for a new act. He finds and older local man, at a market performing a trick. Of course the arrogant Sebastian shows everyone that the trick is a fake. The lovely Indian assistant is upset and decides to practice a different trick. She shares it with Sabastian none the less, and he and his wife will kill to learn and own it. The problem is that the rope involved in the trick is possessed by a spirit that does not like betrayal. They accidentally found a way to play "The Trick That Will Kill You" on themselves. Next is an even more gruesome tale perhaps the best of the five. Mailin tells of a deal "in bargain to death" that he and his friend Alex devise. It is a dishonest scam to make them both a lot of money. But the untrustworthy choose friends that are the same as them. A double cross leads to double death. Then in our final tale "Drawn and Quartered" is told by an artist (Tom Baker aka Dr. Who) who has been wronged. He finds a new power from a voodoo priest to get revenge.He learns that one should always beware that the voodoo that you do, may just be what will undo you. After he uses his gift for the wrong reasons he finds himself out of time and back to his new friends in the basement discussing their fears. Suddenly the elevator that brought the five of them to this destination, comes back for them and opens.This time it takes them to their final destiny...the truth that evil deeds are no dream, but a reality that they must face, forever!

Original Title : THE VAULT OF HORROR
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : Horror
Length : 87 minYear : 1973Country : UKLangage : EnglishCoulor : Color(Eastmancolor)Ratio : 1.85 : 1
Sound : Mono
US Release : 1973-03-16
Actors :
Rogers (segment 'Midnight Mess')
Donna (segment 'Midnight Mess')
Clive (segment 'Midnight Mess') (as Michael Pratt)
Old Waiter (segment 'Midnight Mess')
Waiter (segment 'Midnight Mess')
Critchit (segment 'The Neat Job')
Eleanor (segment 'The Neat Job')
Jane (segment 'The Neat Job')
Wilson (segment 'The Neat Job')
Sebastian (segment 'This Trick'll Kill You') (as Curt Jurgens)
Inez (segment 'This Trick'll Kill You')
Indian Girl (segment 'This Trick'll Kill You')
Fakir (segment 'This Trick'll Kill You')
Maitland (segment 'Bargain in Death')
Alex (segment 'Bargain in Death')
Tom (segment 'Bargain in Death')
Jerry (segment 'Bargain in Death')
Gravedigger (segment 'Bargain in Death')
Moore (segment 'DrawnQuartered')
Diltant (segment 'DrawnQuartered')
Breedley (segment 'DrawnQuartered')
Gaskill (segment 'DrawnQuartered')
Restaurant Vampire (segment 'Midnight Mess') (uncredited)
Passerby On Street (segment 'Midnight Mess') (uncredited)
Male Customer (segment 'Midnight Mess') (uncredited)
Landlord (segment 'DrawnQuartered') (uncredited)
Female Customer (segment 'Midnight Mess') (uncredited)
Landlady (segment 'Bargain in Death') (uncredited)
Voodoo Man (segment 'DrawnQuartered') (uncredited)
Cutter (segment 'DrawnQuartered') (uncredited)
Bob Dickson (segment 'DrawnQuartered') (uncredited)
Restaurant Vampire (segment 'Midnight Mess') (uncredited)
Mrs Breedley (segment 'DrawnQuartered') (uncredited)
Restaurant Vampire (segment 'Midnight Mess') (uncredited)
Restaurant Vampire (segment 'Midnight Mess') (uncredited)
Secretary (segment 'DrawnQuartered') (uncredited)
Restaurant Vampire (segment 'Midnight Mess') (uncredited)
Painter (segment 'DrawnQuartered') (uncredited)
The Vault of Horror

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