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Filmography from Yuho Yamashita

Filmography from : Yuho Yamashita

Actor :

Endzeit, Carolina Hellsgård, 2018
It has been two years since a zombie virus epidemic infected all but two German cities. Vivi and Eva flee the struggling community in Weimar for the one other safe-haven: Jena....

Viva Berlin!, Moritz Mohr (unknown episodes), 1
An unknown plague is rapidly spreading in Berlin. All its carriers turn into blood-thirsty zombies who feed off the uninfected. After a short time, ninety five percent of the population is dead or undead; Berlin’s face has changed entirely. VIVA BERLIN! is Germany’s first serious attempt at a zombie project. The series consists of five mini-episodes – horror stories without a single soft spot. The ultimate genre experience – as hard and...