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Filmography from Angel Salazar

Filmography from : Angel Salazar

Actor :

Maniac Cop 2, William Lustig, 1990

Scarface, Brian De Palma, 1983
Tony Montana manages to leave Cuba during the Mariel exodus of 1980. He finds himself in a Florida refugee camp but his friend Manny has a way out for them: undertake a contract killing and arrangements will be made to get a green card. He's soon working for drug dealer Frank Lopez and shows his mettle when a deal with Colombian drug dealers goes bad. He also brings a new level of violence to Miami. Tony is protective of his younger sister but...

Otages, Sean S Cunningham, 1982
Three years after the brutal rape and murder of a woman in front of her 8 year old daughter, Julie, that man is about to be sentenced to death. But when the now eleven year old and her father's girlfriend Sharon are kidnapped all eyes turn to who might have done this and how. Julie and Sharon are held in the muck of NYC's underground, helpless and unable to escape the frightening clutches of a madman. ...