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Filmography from Angela Pietropinto

Filmography from : Angela Pietropinto

Actor :

Old 37, Alan Smithee (really Christian Winters), 2015
Two brothers intercept 911 calls in their Father's beat up old Ambulance to exact revenge on a group of careless teen drivers. ...

Hysterical Psycho, Dan Fogler, 2009

Wolves of Wall Street, David DeCoteau, 2002

Thinner, Tom Holland, 1996
Based on the best-seller, Stephen King's Thinner stars Robert John Burke (Robocop 3) and Joe Mantegna (House of Games) in a story of supernatural terror and countdown to the ultimate payback. A 109-year old gypsy (Michael Constantine, My Big Fat Greek Wedding), hell-bent on revenge, exacts a curse so shocking it compels its victim to gorge himself in an effort to avoid shrinking away to nothingness. With time running out and a torture so bizarre...