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Filmography from Antonio Corevi

Filmography from : Antonio Corevi

Actor :

Un angelo per Satana, Camillo Mastrocinque, 1966

The Last Man on Earth, Ubaldo Ragona (as Ubaldo B Ragona) (Italian prints), Sidney Salkow (US prints), 1964

Roma contro Roma, Giuseppe Vari, 1964
A fantastic yarn about a plot to conquer the world with an army of zombies!...

Zorro contro Maciste, Umberto Lenzi, 1963
The king of Nogara dies, leaving behind a will naming one of his nieces as his successor. Will it be blonde and virtuous Isabella or evil, dark-haired Malva? Each woman relies on a hero to locate the will. Malva hires the bare-chested strongman Samson while Isabella relies on the masked El Toro (a.k.a. Zorro) even though her heart belongs to the mild-mannered poet, Ramon. Malva's ruthless desire for the throne soon alienates Samson and he and El...