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Filmography from Breanne Teboekhorst

Filmography from : Breanne Teboekhorst

Actor :

If a Tree Falls, Gabriel Carrer, 2010
In Canada, about eight percent of all homicide incidents are murder-suicides. Ninety percent of murder-suicides were family-related. Brad, Will, Nessa and Lisa are four lifelong family friends in their twenties who set out to cross Eastern Canada for a family reunion through the scenic countryside on a blistering hot summer day. The trouble begins when they find an appealing place to stop for the night. The group thinks they have found the...

Desperate Souls, Chad Archibald, Gabriel Carrer, 2005

Sick, Ryan M Andrews, 0
Two years after the infection began, billions have died, governments have collapsed, and the human race is on the brink of extinction. Dr. Leigh Rozetta is a young, maverick scientist who’s been living in a secret underground government facility since the outbreak began. After constant failed attempts to find a cure, Leigh sneaks away to return to her parent’s house. On her way she crosses paths with Seph and Mckay, two militant...