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Filmography from Gabriel Carrer

Filmography from : Gabriel Carrer

Director :

In the House of Flies, Gabriel Carrer, 2012
Set in the “retro” 1980's, In the House of Flies focuses around an abducted couple forced to tackle their way to freedom. Alone, isolated, and locked in an undisclosed, suburban basement, Heather and Steve find themselves surrounded by numerous and mysteriously sealed suitcases - each containing valuable clues to their very own survival. Both Heather (Lindsay Smith) and Steve (Ryan Kotack) must exploit what remains of their bruised intellect...

If a Tree Falls, Gabriel Carrer, 2010
In Canada, about eight percent of all homicide incidents are murder-suicides. Ninety percent of murder-suicides were family-related. Brad, Will, Nessa and Lisa are four lifelong family friends in their twenties who set out to cross Eastern Canada for a family reunion through the scenic countryside on a blistering hot summer day. The trouble begins when they find an appealing place to stop for the night. The group thinks they have found the...

Desperate Souls, Chad Archibald, Gabriel Carrer, 2005

Writer :

Desperate Souls, Chad Archibald, Gabriel Carrer, 2005

Actor :

Dead Genesis, Reese Eveneshen, 2010
Seven months have passed since the dead took over. Many cities and states have been abandoned and left to die. Society is trying to create a new order from the chaos. The military has been officially assigned the task of fighting the undead hordes. However several self sufficient hunting groups made up of everyday citizens have been established to take on the threat in a war aptly referred to as the 'War on Dead'. In the midst of this global...

Desperate Souls, Chad Archibald, Gabriel Carrer, 2005