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Filmography from Daniel Gimenez Cacho

Filmography from : Daniel Gimenez Cacho

Actor :

Blancanieves, Pablo Berger, 2012
A twist on the Snow White fairy tale that is set in 1920s Seville and centered on a female bullfighter....

El Santos vs la Tetona Mendoza, Alejandro Lozano, Andrés Couturier (animation director), Álvaro Curiel (segment 'La Lisiada') (as Álvaro Curiel de Icaza), 2012

Ne nous jugez pas, Jorge Michel Grau, 2010
A middle-aged man dies in the street, leaving his widow and three children destitute. The devastated family is confronted not only with his loss but with a terrible challenge - how to survive. For they are cannibals. They have always existed on a diet of human flesh consumed in bloody ritual ceremonies... and the victims have always been provided by the father. Now that he is gone, who will hunt? Who will lead them? How will they sate their...

Cronos, Guillermo del Toro, 1992
In 1535, an alchemist builds an extraordinary mechanism encapsulated into a small golden device. The invention, designed to convey eternal life to its owner, survives its maker until 1997, when it shows up with an antiques dealer. Fascinated with the strange device, Gris (Luppi) doesn't note that there's more than one person looking for it. The promise of eternal life has become an obsession for old and sick Mr. De la Guardia (Brook). He and his...