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Filmography from Douglas Henderson

Filmography from : Douglas Henderson

Actor :

Les fauves meurtriers, Robert Gordon, 1963
Michael Conrad (Michael Gough) is a private zookeeper who owns Conrad's Animal Kingdom. He leads a cult group who literally worship the animals he tends, especially the big cats -- a lion, a lioness, a pair of cheetahs, a tiger, and a black panther -- as well as a gorilla. Conrad plays organ music to the animals in his living room and uses them to kill anyone who gets in his way. Conrad is married to Edna (Jeanne Cooper) and forces his mute son,...

Invasion of the Saucer Men, Edward L Cahn, 1957
ohnny Carter and Joan Hayden plan to elope but, first, visit a local lover's-lane for a compatibility check-up. Tooling along in the dark, with no headlights, they hit something, check it out and discover it is a little green man (in black-and-white) and scurry off to inform the local authorities. The police think it is a practical joke but, when they check it out, they find a man's body (white) there and charge the two with manslaughter. The...

King Dinosaur, Bert I Gordon, 1955
Blasting off to a newly discovered planet called Nova, which moved into our solar system, four explorers behold a fantastic adventure. The mysterious new planet has similar characteristics of Earth, except it is home to terrifying monsters like giant snakes, giant ants, mutated alligators, and most terrifying of all, King Dinosaur, a strange lizard-like being that is a fatal threat to the explorers. Can these people survive this planet and...