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Vin Diesel & David Twohy Video Talk A Third "RIDDICK"

Par Oh My Gore ! le Dimanche 13 Mars 2011

Vin Diesel & David Twohy Video Talk A Third "RIDDICK"

INFO - Vin Diesel  David Twohy Video Talk A Third RIDDICK Vin Diesel has done a brief video update his official Facebook page with a new video in which he and director David Twohy talk about the proposed third film featuring Diesel's famed anti-hero character Riddick.

Twohy says the film be more along the lines of the first film "PITCH BLACK" than the second "THE CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK" as the budget is obviously a smaller scale like 'Black'.

Part of the reason for that is they want to maintain the R-rating that 'Black' had in this one. Keeping that higher rating is a "big deal" they want to achieve "at any cost". The plan is to shoot it lean, quickly and they joked that it does feature "seductions".

At last report the plot has Riddick left for dead on a desolate planet fighting for survival against not just alien predators but bounty hunters, yet this chess game is all part of his plan to return to Furya and save it from destruction.

Source : darkhorizons.com / filmsactus.com

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Gama08Gama08 - 14/03/2011 à 07:09
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Bonne nouvelle !

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