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Filmography from John Fabian

Filmography from : John Fabian

Actor :

Easter Sunday, Jeremy Todd Morehead, 2014
It's been 24 years since the serial killer Douglas Fisher was executed on Easter night. This year, a group partying teenagers not only raise some hell, but literally raise the dead....

Grip of the Strangler, Robert Day, 1958
A researcher investigating a notorious serial killer who was hanged 20 years earlier seemingly becomes possessed by the long dead strangler....

Quatermass 2, Val Guest, 1957
Professor Quatermass, still shook up from London's refusal to proceed with his project to colonize the Moon, is intrigued by the mysterious traces that have been showing up on his radar - meteorites crashing down?. Following them to the place where they should be landing he finds a destroyed village, a mysterious factory too close to his designs for the Moon colony for comfort, and some strange, aerodynamic objects containing a mysterious,...