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Lost Boys: The Tribe DVDs


Warner Home Video

Geacuteneacuteration Perdue 2 Warner Home Video DVDDVD

Sound : English 5.1 audio
Length : 92 min

Bonus :
- Lost Boys: The Tribe: Action Junkies —A piece showcasing the various extreme sports stunt choreography throughout the film.
- Edgar Frog's Guide to Coming Back Alive — A “How To Kill” doc showcasing various weapons and methods for disposing of vampires. Hosted by Corey Feldman in character as Edgar Frog.
- Alternate Endings: -- Two alternate endings featuring a familiar face from the 1987 Original.
- Blu-ray disc includes a bonus Digital Copy of the film.
- Music Videos (Featuring all-new remix music video of "CRY LITTLE SISTER" by original THE LOST BOYS artist G Tom Mac, Three music videos by Yeah Whatever (Downfall, Hell is Full, It's Over Now))

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