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Filmography from Manuel Cano

Filmography from : Manuel Cano

Director :

El pantano de los cuervos, Manuel Caño (as Michael Cannon), 1974

Actor :

La corrupción de Chris Miller, Juan Antonio Bardem, 1973
A serial killer uses a scythe to slash his murder victims--or maybe it's *her* murder victims?...

Fata/Morgana, Vicente Aranda, 1966
Set in a town that, for reasons unknown and never revealed to the audience, is being abandoned, the story centers around supermodel Gim. A pre-credits opening sequence reveals that five years ago, a woman was murdered; her killer never found. Why was she murdered? Because she was born to be a victim, in the same way many are born to be killers. The sequence (which is illustrated in a sort of pseudo-comic book form, similar to certain scenes in...