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"DONORS" - Philippine Beauty & Hollywood Legend Join Thriller!


By Oh My Gore ! on March 4, 2012

Philippine Beauty & Hollywood Legend Join Thriller!

MEDIA - DONORS  - Philippine Beauty  Hollywood Legend Join Thriller Nicole Cherie Saletta plays the damsel in distress and DJ Perry is the diabolical Doctor Savior in the Charles Pisaeno directed dark thriller "DONORS". The film is now shooting in Yuma, AZ with some B-unit work also being done in Michigan.

It was just announced that a true Hollywood legend of the film industry Ms. Lana Wood, sister of the late Natalie Wood, has joined the intense thriller. Lana has an incredible body of work including the James Bond film "DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER" with Sean Connery. She has worked with the producers of "DONORS" in their previous thriller "DEADLY RENOVATIONS" ( ) due out this year with Midnight Releasing/Acort International. It will make a 1st appearance at the Hong Kong film market (FILMART) this March.

Also joining the cast in a supporting role is the beautiful French/Philippine actress Anne Gauthier who co-starred with DJ Perry in the US/Philippine supernatural horror film "DARKEST NIGHT". The film is slated to play Asian theaters this year. The film was just recently named to a list of the Top 25 most anticipated horror films of 2012 on IMDB. (

Production has also released this 1st advanced teaser poster .
The film will wrap this month and enter post-production for a proposed Fall 2012 release.

Synopsis : Ashley Honors was suppose to meet her friend, Sandra, and a few others for drinks. She didn't make it. She wakes up to find herself locked in a room with her hands and feet bound with only her purse, a cell phone, and a lighter. Ashley works to free herself knowing help is only a call away. But, Ashley soon finds that her manipulative, selfish past may have left her with no one to believe her plight. Will she find a savior on the line before she learns the truth about her fate?

US Release : 2014-05-24

Source : Oh My Gore !

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