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Filmography from Melanie Light

Filmography from : Melanie Light

Actor :

Slaughterhouse Rulez, Crispian Mills, 2018
An illustrious British boarding school becomes a bloody battleground when a mysterious sinkhole appears at a nearby fracking site unleashing unspeakable horror....

Eldorado, Richard Driscoll, 2012
The Stranger, a tall striking creature dressed in white sets into motions a series of events whilst reciting the Edgar Allen Poe Poem "Eldorado", which will have an effect on those heading towards the mythical city. The evening was going to be a normal Blues Brothers tribute gig for Oliver and Stanley Rosenblum, The Jews Brothers at a local Bar Mitzvah, but things were not going to go to plan for Stan and Ollie. After being wrongly sent to...

Doghouse, Jake West, 2009
Danny is handling his divorce badly. His mates drag him off for a boys’ weekend in the country, but what was supposed to be a simple, boozy getaway quickly goes horribly wrong. The boys find themselves holidaying in a village overrun by psychotic, homicidal women who have fallen victim to an airborne toxin that has turned them into man-hating zombies and seven of these deranged women, each with an axe or two to grind, are stalking the streets....

The Scar Crow, Pete Benson, Andy Thompson, 2009
After being sent to the countryside for an all-expenses-paid team-building trip, four friends decide to pack in the assault courses and management training for a weekend of beer and football at the local pub. Thinking that their fortunes are looking even better when they come across three young, beautiful and very friendly sisters, everything seems set for a perfect vacation. But as night falls and shadows spread through the village, it quickly...