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Filmography from Patrik Karlson

Filmography from : Patrik Karlson

Actor :

Operation Ragnarök, Fredrik Hiller, 2018
A town in south of Sweden is isolated after an zombie outbreak. The Swedes still inside must band together to survive the onslaught. ...

Tale of Vampires, Anders Banke, 2006
After Annika, a medical doctor, gets work at the local hospital, she and her 17-year old daughter Saga move to a small town in northern Sweden. Annika is keen to work with her idol, geneticist Professor Gerhard Beckert. However Beckert's sinister past in the Waffen-SS soon catches up with him when a couple of pill-popping interns mistake an experimental vaccine for party drugs. Mayhem ensues as the town's teenagers succumb one by one to the...

Zoo, Antonio Tublen, 0
A couple try to save their marriage during a zombie apocalypse....