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Filmography from Rob Graydon

Filmography from : Rob Graydon

Director :

Fangoria: Blood Drive II, Adam Barnick (segment 'Mainstream'), Erik A Candiani (segment 'Working Stiff'), Steve Daniels (segment 'The Gibbering Horror of Howard Ghormley'), BC Fourteen (segment 'Disposer') (as BC Furtney), Rob Graydon (segments 'KNB EFX Group Tour', 'Mistress Juliya'), Jake Hamilton (segment 'Means to an End'), Jake Kennedy (segment 'We All Fall Down'), Byrd McDonald (segment 'Host Links'), Brad Palmer (segment 'Sawbones'), William Rot (segment 'The Journal of Edmond Deyers'), Paul Solet (segment 'Means to an End'), 2005

Fangoria: Blood Drive, BC Fourteen (segment 'Mr Eryams') (as BC Furtney), Rob Graydon (segment 'Host Links') (as Graydon), Chip Gubera (segment 'Song of the Dead'), 2004
Short film collection bringing together the winners of the Blood Drive film contest hosted by Fangoria. Titles include The Hitch, A Man And His Finger, Inside, Shadows Of The Dead, Mr. Eryams, Disturbances, and Song Of The Dead....