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Filmography from Tad Hilgenbrink

Filmography from : Tad Hilgenbrink

Actor :

The Hills Run Red, Dave Parker, 2009
A film fanatic's obsession with finding a complete print of a classic slasher movie leads him and two friends into the backwoods where the film was shot. They realize too late that filming never ended -- the movie's star, the deformed, murderous BABY FACE, and his twisted family continue to film and kill unsuspecting victims. Now our heroes must survive the nightmarish onslaught or become part of the movie forever....

Lost Boys: The Tribe, PJ Pesce, 2008

Amusement, John Simpson, 2008
A traumatized woman is questioned by a cop and a psychiatrist about three stories involving a clown, a hotel and a convoy, that involve her and two of her female friends from childhood....

Big Movie, Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer, 2007