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Ten/Four Producing Two New Projects

By Oh My Gore ! on June 29, 2009

Ten/Four Producing Two New Projects

Ten/Four Pictures will be bringing the horror audience two new films very soon.

First of the two that is coming is really the first of the films that the founders produced together called "ORDER OF CHAOS". That film stars Milo Ventimiglia, Rhys Coiro, Mimi Rogers and Samantha Mathis.

"ORDER OF CHAOS" chronicles the duplicitous relationship between a naive attorney (Coiro) and a neighbor-colleague (Ventimiglia) and their fierce competition to move up in the firm and get ahead in life. I'm going to assume that what they mean by getting "ahead in life" they mean murder.

The second film that Ten/Four will be releasing is called "LUCKY" and sounds more like it will fit in with the horror crowd. The movie is billed as a dark comedy directed by Gil Cates Jr. about a serial killer who wins the lottery. Script's penned by "Saturday Night Live" staff writer Kent Sublette; shooting is set for September.

Source : horror-movies.ca

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