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THE EYE THE EYE  MTV video extract online "THE EYE" "THE EYE" : MTV video extract online

By on 21-01-2008

MTV has just released a extract from "THE EYE", the american remake directed by the two frenchies Xavier Palud & David Moreau ("ILS"). ...

THE EYE THE EYE  Some more pictures "THE EYE" "THE EYE" : Some more pictures

By on 18-01-2008

Here are some more pictures from "THE EYE", Pang brothers movie remaked by the frenchies David Moreau & Xavier Palud ("ILS"), with Jessica Alba in leading act....

THE EYE THE EYE  Pictures and Teaser "THE EYE" "THE EYE" : Pictures and Teaser

By on 05-12-2007

After directed "ILS" in France, David Moreau and Xavier Palud launch "THE EYE", remake of the Pang brother movie "THE EYE". Pictures showing the movie star Jessica Alba. You can also see the teaser : ...

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