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The Return of the Living Dead


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The Return of the Living Dead
Original Title : THE RETURN OF THE LIVING DEADDirector(s) : Writer(s) : Rudy Ricci (story) &, John A Russo (story) (as John Russo) &, Russell Streiner (story),  , Dan O'Bannon (screenplay)Genre(s) : Comedy | Horror Length : 91 min Year : 1985Country : USA Langage : English Coulor : Color Ratio : 185 : 1 Sound : Mono French Release : 1985-05-15US Release : 1985-08-16Aka(s) :
(original title) - The Return of the Living Dead
Argentina - El Regreso de los Muertos Vivos
Argentina (alternative title) - El regreso de los muertos vivientes
Bulgaria (Bulgarian title) - Завръщането на живите мъртви
Brazil - A Volta dos Mortos Vivos
Brazil (cable TV title) - O Retorno dos Mortos Vivos
Denmark - Ligene er ligeglade
Spain - El regreso de los muertos vivientes
Finland - Elävien kuolleiden paluu
France - Le retour des morts vivants
Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) - Ta zombi den einai hortofaga
Greece - Τα Ζόμπι Δεν Είναι Χορτοφάγα
Hungary (alternative title) - A halál visszatér
Hungary - Az élőhalottak visszatérnek
Italy - Il ritorno dei morti viventi
Japan (English title) - 'Batallion'
Japan (English title) - Battalion
Mexico - El regreso de los muertos vivientes
Netherlands (informal literal title) - Ze zijn terug en hebben honger
Peru - El regreso de los muertos vivientes
Poland - Powrót zywych trupów
Portugal - O Regresso dos Mortos Vivos
Serbia - Povratak živih mrtvaca
Soviet Union (Russian title) - Вoзвращение живых мертвецов
USA (video box title) - Return of the Living Dead
Venezuela - El regreso de los muertos vivientes
West Germany - Verdammt, die Zombies kommen
Actors :
Clu Gulager Burt
James Karen Frank
Don Calfa Ernie
Thom Mathews Freddy
Beverly Randolph Tina
John Philbin Chuck
Jewel Shepard Casey
Miguel A Núñez Jr Spider (as Miguel Nunez)
Brian Peck Scuz
Linnea Quigley Trash
Mark Venturini Suicide
Jonathan Terry Colonel Glover
Cathleen Cordell Colonel's Wife
Drew Deighan Paramedic #1
James Dalesandro Paramedic #2
John Durbin Radio Corpse #1
David Bond Radio Corpse #2
Bob Libman Tac Squad Captain
John Stuart West Riot Cop #1
Michael Crabtree Riot Cop #2
Ed Krieger Riot Cop #3
Robert Craighead Cop #1
Paul Cloud Cop #2
Derrick Brice Gunnery Sergeant
Leigh Drake Dispatcher
Terrence Houlihan Yellow Cadaver (as Terrence M Houlihan)
Allan Trautman Tarman
Robert J Bennett Headless Tarman (as Robert Bennett)
Jerome 'Daniels' Coleman Legless Corpse
Cherry Davis ½ Lady Corpse
Rick Askew Officer (uncredited)
Leslee Bremmer (uncredited)
Jason Novak Little Zombie (uncredited)
Dan O'Bannon Helicopter Loudspeaker Officer /Bum Outside Warehouse (voice) (uncredited)
Larry Odien Yellow Zombie (uncredited)
William Stout Bum with Shopping Cart (uncredited)

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