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Filmography from Vince Vieluf

Filmography from : Vince Vieluf

Director :

Order of Chaos, Vince Vieluf, 2010

Writer :

Order of Chaos, Vince Vieluf, 2010

Actor :

Big Movie, Jason Friedberg, Aaron Seltzer, 2007

Le loup-garou de Paris, Anthony Waller, 1997
The daughter of the werewolf from AWIL is alive and living in Paris where her mother (from the first film) and stepfather are trying to overcome her lycanthropic disease. A trio of American tourists on a thrill seeking trip around Europe manage to stop her from plunging to her death from the top of the Eiffel tower and are embroiled in a horrific but often hilarious plot involving a secret society of werewolves based in the city and a drug which...

Mojave, David Kebo, Rudi Liden, 0
Four friends head to the desert to attend a winter rave. Instead, it turns into the trip to hell when they meet up with a couple of bad locals....