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Filmography from Michael Thorpe

Filmography from : Michael Thorpe

Actor :

Le tueur de la forêt, James Bryan, 1981
Four young campers, Craig, Peter, Ingrid and Joanie, back-pack through the mountains for a relaxing weekend in the wilderness. They are out camping in broad daylight, while someone else is killing tourists in the woods. Craig warns the others not to go into the woods alone. The hillsides are crawling with fat women huffing up hillsides, nerdy bird-watchers, and young couples. Most of whom meet gruesome ends at the hands of a deranged and...

Take Off, Armand Weston, 1978
Don Juan-like playboy doesn't get old, but his photographs do. One day he takes a couple to see adult movies. Hardcore version of Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray....

Fiona on Fire, Kenneth Schwartz (credit only), Shaun Costello (uncredited), 1978