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UNBORN (2009)

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Sometimes the soul of a dead person has been so tainted with evil that it is denied entrance to heaven. It must endlessly wander the borderlands between worlds, desperately searching for a new body to inhabit.

And sometimes it actually succeeds. Writer/director David Goyer (Blade: Trinity, The Invisible, Batman Begins) gives a terrifying glimpse into the life of the undead in The Unborn, a supernatural thriller that follows a young woman pulled into a world of nightmares when a demonic spirit haunts her and threatens everyone she loves.

Casey Bell (Odette Yustman) hated her mother for leaving her as a child. But when inexplicable things start to happen, Casey begins to understand why she left. Plagued by merciless dreams and a tortured ghost that haunts her waking hours, she must turn to the only spirtual advisor, Sendak (Gary Oldman), who can make it stop. With Sendak’s help, Casey uncovers the source of a family curse dating back to Nazi Germany -- a creature with the ability to inhabit anyone or anything that is getting stronger with each possession. With the curse unleashed, her only chance at survival is to shut a doorway from beyond our world that has been pried open by someone who was never born.

Original Title : UNBORN
Director(s) :
Writer(s) :
Genre(s) : [Horror
Year : 2009French Release : 2009-03-11US Release : 2009-01-09
Actors :
Casey Beldon (as Odette Yustman)
Rabbi Sendak
Arthur Wyndham
Sofi Kozma
Matty Newton
Gordon Beldon
Janet Beldon
Dr Lester Caldwell
Mr Shields
Eli Walker
Rick Hesse (as Craig Harris)
Gail Newton
Roger Newton
Library Guard
Charge Nurse
Seven Year Old Casey
Gordon's Secretary (as Dominica Fisher)
Mrs Byrne (as Marcella Marssie Mencotti)
Ob /Gyn Doctor
Nine Year Old Sofi
Library Patron
Joseph Mengele
Newton Baby
Newton Baby
Musician (as Ronni Sellers)
Crime Scene Investigator (uncredited)
College Classmate (uncredited)
Basketball Player (uncredited)
Eye Clinic Receptionist (uncredited)
Chicago Cop (uncredited)
Psychotic Vagrant (uncredited)
Club Dancer (uncredited)
Club Dancer (uncredited)
Neighbor (uncredited)
Synagogue Employee (uncredited)
Forensic Assistant (uncredited)
Dancer (uncredited)
College Student (uncredited)
Neighbor (uncredited)
Extra (uncredited)
Auschwitz Doctor (uncredited)
AAA Group Member (uncredited)
Club Dancer (uncredited)
Synagogue Employee (uncredited)

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